Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finished sanguinary priest!

So I've decided to dedicate more time to projects I can sell on E-bay, magnetized characters seem to be a gold mine, and the latest is a sanguinary priest with a magnetized backpack. I made sure to include a sheathed blade for all the what you see is what you get enthusiasts. Thanks to Kevin I have quite a supply of the necessary bits.

All in all it was a fun project, I made sure to take a few shots before he was painted, I myself enjoy seeing bare models especially when they're converted or mounted on a custom base. 

I'm not sure what's next for my E-bay projects, either Vulkan or another chaplain I have prepared. That's for another day though, today the plan is preparation for adepticon :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blogging all week day 7- Landraider park U.S.A. and the red skull kommandosos

Well, this is the end my friends. The last day in a 7 day string of blogs. But fear not I will return but just not as often, remember the divorce? Remember having a honey bun covered in whipped cream instead of cake for your birthday only to have it slapped into your face on purpose? No? That was me...I'm sooo funny but how does that pertain to the miniatures hobby? Well, I do play all the bad guy armies. But that doesn't stop me from painting all my opponents armies of good. Here is the final piece of the deathwing installment, two landraiders.

Baboom, I can't wait to destroy these and the soft pink 'umies inside, mwahhaha!

Hope fully the red skull kommandos are the right boyz for the job, nothing to fancy just tabletop quality. I had alot of fun trying to equip them all differently, some guys are demolition specialists, one has 3-d goggles, and one has a sniper rifle. I made them from the boyz box and the plethora of spare Ork bitz I have.


Pretty cool. These guys, with boss Snikrot, have been the undoing of many foes. I have to say they're one of my favorites, right up there with lootaz and battlewagons full o boyz. I'll have to post my army up here one of these days. Well I have a busy day and many minis to paint, there is no end in sight. Thanks for watching and thanks to everyone who has climbed aboard this blog.

I leave you with a piece of music that is also warhammer history, Games workshop at one point was running a record label. One of the bands was the mighty Bolt Thrower, their album realm of chaos even featured the cover art from the first rogue trader space marine box! Enjoy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogging all week day 6- Finished Deathwing Chaplain / Vulkan in progress

Well the week of madness is boiling down, I have to admit I'm slightly pooped. Today I sat down at the local hobby shop and finished off the Terminator chaplain, didn't quite finish those tanks as the lining and final step is quite boring. Here's Mr. Chaplain.

Not too shabby, I wasn't trying to do something too crazy on this guy, just a fine job as that's what I was paid for. Mike tells me he'll be dropping the second installment on me soon, I can't wait to see that whole army all together. So far I've painted 30 terminators for him plus all the support that comes with them.

In other news, Ebay rules! I'm cooking up another chaplain for the fine bidders, here he is so far

His mask looks a little fugly right now but the details should come out with a nice paint job. I have to thank my friend Alan for suggesting I make a chaplain with half a skull mask, nice effect and something I haven't seen yet. I've also slightly converted a Vulkan model, that pose before just looked odd to me and that helmet was garbage. Basically a regular helmet with a solid gold mohawk...sounds cool in writing but in reality it's pretty undewhelming. I think they could have done more on that part of the model but now as I've given him a bare head I have the chance to paint some jet black skin. oh boy!

I plan on Ebaying this guy as well. After a dead end commission for this guy my interest in this model has been sparked, it's pretty cool if you have some spacewolf parts to throw in the mix. His base is going to be Lava by the way, if that crappy putty looks weird.

Well, roll the credits and bang you head, the band of the night tonight is a band that a lot of bands owe some respect to... the mighty, the grungy, The Melvins!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deathwing Thunderhammers!

Well I didn't finish the landraiders today, or at least at this point, but I do have the unit done and a good start on the chaplain. A mid afternoon bitz clipping session with Kevin was fine with me though. I grabbed the magnets I need to complete a sanguinary priest I'm painting for Ebay and earned some more credit. There is still time tonight to finish this whole deathwing detachment though. Here they are so far.

The chaplain isn't far behind either, I'll be finishing him off tomorrow sometime :) This is the second time I've had the pleasure on this model. GW did a great job with this mini, maybe someday I'll have one for my own collection...

It's still chaplain mania this week, I'll have another posted up here soon along with a Vulkan He'stan I converted slightly. I just couldn't dig his pose but more on that later. I'm going to see if I can finish 2 landraiders tonight. To accomplish that task I'll need the help of my old friend music. Tonights musical guest will be...Kraut Rockin' Superstars Hairy Chapter

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogging all week day 4- beastmen wip and the start of something big

I've been working here and there on a unit of beastmen that I intend on entering at adepticon. Last week I poured some extra work into them. I just don't like the models, don't get me wrong they're a good start for making beastmen with. In my mind I always imagine beastmen having big manes, the artists at gw seem to agree if you look at the cover of the book, so why the goatees?

I also raised their heads up a bit with a big ball of greestuff, once that dried I cut a diamond pattern into the next layer of green stuff. Then I depressed the top point of each diamond and drew a thin line down the middle. Once that set a bit I gently bent the bottom tips of  the diamond. some of the diamonds I drew in the putty were longer on the back of the neck as it just looked more natural that way.

There's the entire unit, I have to say I like the way the extra sculpting bulks them out. Here's the test paint I did almost a year ago...I've been wanting to do this unit for a while.

Also I've recently acquired half of a set of finely detailed models, quite stunning. I'm especially stunned by a certain model in this set and I plan on giving him the finest of paint jobs. Like any model of epic proportions I'll start this one off by working from the base up. So here it begins.

Stay tuned, I'm going get down to finishing off the deathwing I've been showing you and hopefully they'll be done by the next time I'm posting, we'll see there are plenty of models around. 

And to keep with the theme of this string of posts, here's a happy little ditty from tonight's musical guest...The Reverend Horton Heat

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogging all week day 3- Finished chaplain and regimental advisors

In my prequel post of the madness to come I shared some pictures of a chaplain I intended to sell on E-bay. I'm happy to say he's finished and he already has a bid with 6 days to go on the auction. Fantastic! In the original photos I used for E-bay I used a red background which at the time looked good but in hindsight I think it threw off his true colors. I re-shot him this morning and added one of those photos to the auction. Here are the re-shoots from this morning.

You may notice I changed his crozius since I last showed him, I think he looks much happier with a gold eagle compared to the mace head of the chaos terminator power weapon. But there you have it, he's doing great and I now have the magnets I needed to finish the other one. Thanks to Kevin my E-bay parts man, if anyone wants to check out his store here's the link.

I also have a finished set of regimental advisors, very fun to paint, I thought they had some good faces. This isn't the end of the Imperial Guard craziness I've been commissioned for either. I also have commisar gaunt, a lord commisar, and solar marcharius to do.

Well, tomorrow marks the over halfway point being the 4th day in this ordeal. So far I'm having a ball, now I'm off to get some serious work in on Mike's Deathwing. I have some commissions to take care of but I also have Adepticon prepping to do as well. Tomorrow I'd like to share one of my projects but until then all I have to announce is tonights musical guest. Hailing all the way from Japan, Corrupted. This is the song that got me into these guys and one of the only bands who can help me slow my pulse enough to execute the most tedious of freehands...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogging all week day 2-Deathwing work in progress

Whew, I'm feeling good after a long walk to the post office in the snow. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow when it isn't Martin Luther King day and they're open and I can ship the Dreadnought I intended to. I did grab some coffee though and before I sit down and finish off my magnetized chaplain I'd like to share Mike's latest installment of Deathwing terminators. I didn't take pictures of the two landraiders yet but I'll be sure to share them at the end of the week when everything's done. 

So first up is a group shot, 5 thunder hammers and one more lightning claw. Plus a chaplain, with all the chaplain madness (it's not over) it's chaplain week at samson mini's in honor of Martin Luther King junior day. 

Not a bad start, now it's up to the paint brush to finish the job. I pulled the chaplain aside and started working on his armor. I'll slowly chip away at him to break up the assembly line process I'll use on the other doods. Whenever I paint armies for people I like to embellish the HQ's, the heroes have to stand out from the supporting cast after all, even if the supporting cast is the finest cast the finest casting company has to offer. Enough analogies though, on to the pictures!

I'm really digging the black to blue to grey technique I've happened across. The core colors used were badab black, codex grey, shadow grey, and white. Try it out, I think it makes the black areas deeper than they would be if you transitioned straight to grey. 

Alright! keep your brushes wet and I'll have a finished chaplain for you tomorrow.

Todays musical guest all the way from the southern U.S...Weedeater, Enjoy!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blogging all week day 1- Scenery party part 2!

A few weeks ago I showed off the results of a scenery party, some pieces were done and others were started. We sat down today to take care of some of the unfinished pieces, I grabbed the cooling system I was working on and brother John grabbed his power supply which was made from materials he acquired at work. It's fun looking at the world with a scenery makers imagination, that's no staple box it's an electrical housing, that's not a worn out alternator it's a crashed space ship, that's not a bloody latex glove it's evidence.

Here are some in progress shots of John's piece and Mike's trademark intensity which is quite photogenic.

My piece was coming along as well and mike was no less intense.

Thumbs up indeed my friend! Thumbs up to end results, thumbs up to two hot ass pieces of wet terrain!

Can't wait to see two fully painted armies going head to head on a finished table of finished scenery! 
 Thumbs up to tonights band, Lair of the minotaur. A pretty good song with a great video, lots of inspiration right here.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prequel-One post every day for a week!

Earlier I wrote about posting every day for one week to see if I can do it. This is your warning, I've been very busy lately and with a few projects looking at the finish line within the week this seems like a good week to do it. But a post isn't a post without a few pictures so here's one of the projects.

Following the success I had on E-bay with two blood angles dreadnoughts I decided to do a pair of chaplains with magnetized options, well at least all the practical choices. My friend Kevin gave me some magnets but I didn't grab quite enough to finish off the other chaplain : P Thanks to Kevin for all the bitz I needed as well, he runs a bits store on E-bay and I've been helping him clip and earning credit for bits which I in turn will be using to sell fancy stuff on E-bay or whatever else I want them for.

Here he is after a little basecoating.

Well that's all for now but I'll be back tomorrow and all week. My musical guest will be Thin Lizzy tonight.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finished Boss Snikrot

This guy rounds off my 1500 pt list which is fully painted upon his completion. I drew up a 350 pt expansion that includes 10 grotz & a slaver, 3 deffkoptaz w/buzzsaw (kevin's advice), and 12 lootaz. The latter of the 3 being the only unit I need to paint to complete that wing. Ere we go Ere we go!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finished Warhound Titan

I finally got around to shooting this monster, the pictures are ok. I've never photographed any models this size so all in all I'm happy with the results. It was a great kit but I've still seen too much junk from forgewolrd to get me to consider ordering, junky molds that is, I love the models they display. I had a blast painting something this size, it's hardly a miniature and it's doll like height comparison has me one step closer to actually painting dolls...I enjoyed the colors so much I started making a paining of a plague marine, I'll share the sketch before I start the painting but I'm happy to have the painting bug again : )

I think the turquoise interior threw off the picture in a few shots but it's true to the interior.

Recently I've also taken a crack at selling models on Ebay, it went well and I fetched a nice price on this guy. Just about twice what I would charge someone for a commission, I was very happy indeed.

 Following that success I threw the other one I painted that day on E-bay as well.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's big, it's wip, it's a chaos warhound

Earlier in the week I began painting a chaos warhound form forgeworld I was commissioned to do. Wow what a model! I can't imagine the pain my client went through assembling this behemoth, so I won't :) I 'm sure he'll be happy once he gets a load of the finished beast. So here we see a GW model in it's natural habitat, grey and partially assembled...

I started off with the olive green armor plates. He was given 3 coats of olive green and then I added some dark brown and purple to the mix. Gradually more purple and brown were added, I think I did that 3 times. Next I added some ivory to the base color and added some highlights. After he was nice and dry I sprayed a rough mix of washes around all the edges of the plates. I made the wash by dumping thraka green and griffon sepia into a nearly empty pot of leviathan purple.

Then it was on to the most boring part. Painting 3 coats of light silver on all the metal parts. Blah. Hours later I laid down a healthy wash of badab black. I had prepared some rusty water earlier and painted that over all the metal as well as dabbing it on certain spots on the armor plates.

Rust wash can be made by simply letting some steel wool sit in an old blister pack for a few days.

I also streaked some thinned down bestial brown away from certain exposed areas in the armor plates but more on the details later when I post the finished project. Which at the moment is very near completion so I'll blog to you soon!

Take care and stay tuned!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finished Astorath the Grim and Korth the barbarian

Well the plan was to post these guys yesterday but it was new year's eve after all and all projects were on a momentary hold until my hang over had passed. First is Astorath the Grim, I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out. It was fun to try and limit my color choices to just a few and I like the over all effect a limited pallet had on the model.

Second up is a model by reaper miniatures, I can't remember the name they gave him on the blister pack but I   named him after one of my best friends at any rate. This is not the first plinth I've made but it is the first I've finished and it feels nice add him to my collection. I made him detachable in the hopes that I'd someday use him to replace my lost barbarian figure for hero quest.

Have a happy new year!