Sunday, April 14, 2013

Preppin and steppin'

Adepticon is 4 days away. I want to say I can't wait but I do need just a little more time. I've finished off all kinds of new goodies for the dudes at WreckAge and now it's on to one last Crystal Brush entry. Kyra'a is almost finished. About one more day and I should have her stashed away to be ignored in my cabinet.

I'm also still entertaining the fantasy of have a good Trollbloods list painted up. No time for the whole unit but this one Son of Bragg should suffice as a fell caller. We'll see if he gets paint before friday.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Seedy Drifters

Just a quick one here. I wanted to show off the finished Drifter Warband for WreckAge, who will be at Adepticon in full force :) Love those guys.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweatin' at the Wreck Room

Pun intended. Working on more fine minis for the men at WreckAge. The Swarmlord is finished but I think I'm going to enter him in the Crystal Brush coming up. Maybe, since half your score comes from online voting, posting pictures of him beforehand wouldn't be right? I don't know so I'll do nothing. 

Here's the current project:7 models to compose the Drifters starter pack. The first three models, shown below, are the core members. There is also a beast handler with a boar and two stitchmen.

They aren't quite complete as you can see but nearly there.

Today I'll be picking out the beast handler and his boar.

More to come so stay tuned!