Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Weekend Paint Jam!

This weekend Tom and I road tripped down to Jeff's place in Chicago to do what we do. Paint jam!

We didn't have a particular focus for this one which was the theme in its own way. I had some projects that needed sculpting first and since I painted every Haqqislam model I own, I ordered one more figure to add to the force.

The chaos ensues! 

This time I brought along an shitty light box to capture progress shots of everyone's projects. I'd say it was an improvement.

I paced myslef on the sculpting by painting in between dry times. I really enjoy sculpting but takes a different measure of patience waiting for each step to dry before adding more.

The jam concluded and we each set out with a little more mmomentum behind our projects. It's been very conductive to set up these paint jams every few months. Fun!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Finished! Butchers Guild

Straight from the slaughterhouse and into your local sports arena.

This was a fun group of models to paint up. They are all to the same scheme but pack a lot of differences and roles on the field I suppose. Never played the game but I know you can have a mascot for your team and it can be a pig in bondage.

Or you can hire a gigantic bald man with the grace of a figure skater.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Finished! All the Kings men, part 1

I mentioned before that there was a larger project going on behind the scenes. Nothing crazy, just some tabletop that I didn't feel like posting about multiple times ha. This commission comes from the land down under and what I have finished is about a quarter of the total job. For sanity's sake I broke it up into installments. The first piece being 36 handgunners, 9 flagellants, 3 artillery, and one mounted general. Here's chapter one.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WIP Guildball Butchers, part 2!

Moving right along on the Butchers. At this stage I'm blocking in the areas so I can get a better look at the over all scheme. I should have tended to the skin first but I decided to save it for later. As the colors come together I might want a colder skin tone next to the brighter uniforms.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

WIP Guildball Butchers


I'm not too familiar with this game but I've heard good things. It also provides some pretty cool sculpts. One element of the game is centered around the use of a goal post which most people make custom themselves..Don't quote me on that. Here is the goal marker I was asked to whip up.

My client asked that the bases resemble a butchers shop as well as a playing ground. Once I've added a few blood smears and edge highlighting, I think it will be accurate.

And here they are after some airbrushing. I'll be getting to them this week as well as finishing up a few projects that have been floating in purgatory.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Finished! Haqquislam Force

With the contents of Red Veil, a box of Naffatun, Hassassin Fiday, and the pre order mini from HSN3, I had my starting force set. They were painted up quickly over three sessions leading up to a friendly tournament over the weekend. Nothing too show stopping about them but having them completed as a whole leaves me with a sense of satisfaction. The Al'fasid could use a little more attention. My thoughts being I'd save him for last and have fun, but in reality, he was painted during my most tired point in the process. But it's a start and now I can add tot he force here and there without such a large effort.