Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Converted Logan Grimnar, Complete!

As promised here are the finished pictures of the old wolf. Some wolf guard terminator pieces, a Grey Knight arm, and some crushed glass :)

He's off to E-bay in order to raise some extra Adepticon fun money :)

I also submitted the photos to Coolmini because I'm curious. He should be popping up there sometime soon.

For my parting pic I've prepared a little preview.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The snowball goes down the mountain

At the moment I've put the Titan on hold until the owner and I attach the legs to the base piece. 

I couldn't be happier to have a little break. Motivated anew by the idea that I didn't have to do hours and hours of non metallic silver I managed to build up 5 different models over the last 2 days and even finish painting one of them.

I still have to take some clean shots but here's a little preview of Logan all finished off. 

I also managed to build a Rune Preist. I was trying to capture him in the middle of calling up the haws of the world wolf. What I got was a 10 foot man gently singing to the birds...Maybe he's yelling but after I took this photo I used a different head and angled it downwards a bit. That's the start of a Sanguinary Priest on his left.

The culinary arts were in the mix as well. 
The fat kid in me just couldn't resist sharing this beautiful sight.

In parting here are some moments from the last few days of fury.

Next we'll see Logan Grimnar in his natural habitat. Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

In preparation for Apedpticon I've been gathering some parts to build a few models I'd like to sell at the night time swap. I'm not sure what to make exactly but that's never a problem. Thanks to Kevin the bits pimp ( I was able to build a Logan Grimnar and an Emperor's Champion over the weekend. I'm also planning on a Sanguinary priest or two, a runepreist, and whatever other characters I have at the time ;)

I'm closer and nearer to the finish line with the Titan every day. A little over 40 hours later and he's still in progress. Apologies for the lack of posts but I can only conceive so many ways to say I'm working on a titan. I'll be happy to put this project behind me and get back to my regular schedule of touch and go.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Warhound interior

I've been a busy busy man as of late. Luckily I found time to take a few shots last night. At this point, with the interior finished and all the weapons, I'm starting to make some headway on the Titan. You may guess that it's a good feeling and you would be correct. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I will have this beast tamed by the end of February.

After all that work, no one's the wiser. The interior will spend most of it's existence closed in darkness like so many crew compartments before it.

Here's the whole shebang, apologies for the lighting, it happens when I don't zoom into my lightbox far enough. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inquisitor Coteaz, ready for action

As here's the fantastic Golden Man. What is it about gold power armor?..True meatallic metals were a nice side track from the gigantic project I've been working on. 

Here's the man of the hour :)

He's also for sale in the internet's basement:

Large project you say? Yes. This week, in my mind at least, is being referred to as Titan Week. The plan is to pull a 40 hour week and sink some serious time into it.At this point I'm almost finished with the interior and can't wait to show of yet another Warhound Titan on this blog. Here are a couple quick autolevel shots of the cockpit. Not 100% complete but good enough to move on to the other interior pieces.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Basing tutorial: Quick and easy

Yesterday was a flurry of activity. After attending a tournament at the Chimera, which I was happy to have won :) I went home and scrubbed the Inquisitor Coteaz I had sitting in some simple green. Here's a little quickie on creating a simple base for your characters.

First I started simple with a small piece of cork glued to a base.

Second I placed Coteaz on a square of tiled plasticard and traced the footprint of the model.

I then clipped away at the edges to create a more grim and dark feel. In the far future, everything is broken.

Lastly, fill in the blanks. Some dried soil, super glue, and a couple skulls form secret weapon. 

:(see top picture):

I finished the golden man around midnight but lacked the steam to photograph him. Once the sun goes down tonight I'll snap some pictures. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Finished! Trollbood impaler

Finished this guy off earlier this week.
 I'm happy to say this completes my battegroup ;)

You can vote on Coolmini here:

Currently I'm working away on my Mauler, more on him soon.
 More on a separate big blue monstrosity soon.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Friday night at the Chimera

Friday night I enjoyed the company of some local fellows at the local hobby shop to do some painting :)

You may know him by now, a man who needs no introduction, a man with a set penetrating eyes...Major Tom.

I'm always happy to see what he's working on and as usual he did not disappoint on Friday.





 Jason the Pressman has been working away on his sheamus (?) crew in preparation for Adepticon. Go Jason go! Just a handful of rotting hookers to go! Boy the gaming world is neat!

I'm happy to say at this point the following model is finished and I've added another piece to my Trollbloods.

I'll have some pictures of the completed model up soon. Promise. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Raven Guard on the Move!

Last night I finished off a Commission for a Ravenguard assault squad. The most important of the Emperor's chapters, the one charged with guarding his precious ravens. This was a tabletop level commission fyi.

Many precious Forgeworld bits in the mix.

A mighty fine Ravenguard Captain was also part of the job :)

Now it's time to paint the room full of tiny men controlling a giant robot from it's head.