Monday, August 27, 2018

WIP The Lord of Malice

It's been a while since I've done a work in progress log. Most of my internet posting is done on Facebook and Instagram recently, but I'll never abandon the 'ol ship (blog). This was a recent commission and super fun, which I say about every project but I mean it more this time, I swear. I should get better at describing things. Anyway, here's the rundown. 

The figure is from creature caster and was such a joy to work on. The cleanliness of the cast was the best I've seen in a long time. Very miniscule mold lines and the sockets fit perfectly, absolutely zero warping. Here we see our Lord after some quick wetblending. I wanted to make the bone look strong, pretty much the appearance of stoney growths over marrow.  

The color scheme was red white and blue, with a tilt of course but that's the scheme at it's core, a simple complimentary trifecta.

Next I had to add some glowing effects. I wanted the model to say, demon, of course he's s demon but I want a DEMON. So macical properties it is! How fun.

Then it was time to comb over the details and lock in the flavor. Here he is 99% done, final photos coming soon :)

As always stay tuned! On all the various platforms, the fantasy art of sam Lenz on Facebook, samsonosmas on Instagram, and most recently samsonarts on Twitch!