Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Finished! Pedro Kantor of the Crimson Fists

Just a quick post of a quicker job. This guy was for me bro :) About 7 hours total but it's hard to guess once you get into it. Being a bit of a quicker piece I tried to focus on making a few elements shine.

Here's the set up:

This way while one color was drying I could be working with another.

Wooptie doop hope you like it bro :) 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Return of the night of the week long Gencon 2013

I'm finally back and finding time to drop some of the 172 pictures I took this year. I kept telling myself to "take more pictures", boy howdy did I ever. Looking back I realized I didn't take any pictures of the 2 painting competitions going on..I guess I've seen too much cabinet glare in my own shoddy work. I did well in them though :) I'll have to make another post once I photograph all my P3 Entries so more on that later. There were some really nice pieces and some great people who painted them ;) 

In these pictures I was trying to capture my perspective of the con for my friends back home. My personal experience summed up goes like this: drive 8 hours in a Penske moving truck packed to the gills with product from the local hobby shop. Unload it the next day and begin setting up the booth (125 feet long, number 2209 if you were there) from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. Eat, get up at 7 and do the same thing until they kick us out whenever they kick you out. I then spend about 50 hours standing behind a register and dart away here and there to enter paint competitions, drop off commissions, and grab a few gifts..Oh yeah, once in a while I take enough time in there to piss. Good times, exhausting, flu inducing, bromancing, good times.

It begins here:

I'll be seeing you next year. So pay attention ahah.