Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gencon Preppin'

Five days and two models left. Among other preparations I've been brushing away on some entries for the P3 contest at Gencon. I'll be working at a booth too so if you can find the Chimera Hobby Shop's location in the vendor hall come say hi. I'm unsure of the number but it's in there, promise. Here are a couple shots from the last few days.

The mountain king has been a bit of a hair puller lately due to the chains and whelps and my fingers rubbing paint off while I try to handle this lump. I'm also working on a War Hog when the King isn't my dish..Today has half my city without power due to a storm last night, good thing I know somebody on the other side of the tracks and progress continues :)


  1. Awesome gradients on the King, good luck with finishing everything up.

  2. Thanks! It'll be a photo finish!