Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back from Gamesday 2013, Memphis

What a ride what a ride..11 hours actually. I did perfect the art of sleeping with a sweatshirt on my head though. That's something right? So what do you do exactly when you've been in a van for 11 hours? Our first idea was to drive another hour across town to GW's headquarters for a friggin barbecue! :)..I'm vegetarian but damn if that wasn't some good tater salad.

This was what made Gamesday memorable to me. The actual saturday may have been a little less than expected but GW stretching it out a bit by throwing a cookout the day before helped. We walked around the place and then back and forth again. There was a lot to see :)

We rolled back to the hotel and went to restaurant for some beer and eats..Yeah, barbecue again. I shared a greek a salad and some red beans & rice with the other herbivore in our clan. The next morning with our nerves in a bundle we headed to the Cook convention center for Gamesday proper...

In no particular order here is a pile of pictures. The disorder is probably a result of rushing in and then wandering around in when the afternoon hits and you've seen it.

This was a great gamesday over all. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a speed painting contest or and art on display. But I was happy as hell to see my painting pal Tom grab the Slayer Sword and not one but 3 Golden Demons as well as the Forge World best in show. Hi five my man! I was a little disappointed in myself when I only took home one bronze but it's hard not to get wrapped up in the competitions on the day of. No big deal, I was thoroughly inspired and got some good feedback from the judges. I'm already planning on next year's conventions and taking it a step further. 

See you at Gencon. 


  1. Congratz to Tom and you too! It was a true joy reading this and I am happy that we've meet during Adepticon! If I would have known back then that I am talking to some serious guys with plans on winning the Slayer Sword I would have talked less much ... just kidding! Great report!

  2. We are pretty serious aren't we? haah! That last Adepticon is going to be hard to top. Can't wait to see that entry you're working on for the German GD. Thanks Buddy!