Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The snowball goes down the mountain

At the moment I've put the Titan on hold until the owner and I attach the legs to the base piece. 

I couldn't be happier to have a little break. Motivated anew by the idea that I didn't have to do hours and hours of non metallic silver I managed to build up 5 different models over the last 2 days and even finish painting one of them.

I still have to take some clean shots but here's a little preview of Logan all finished off. 

I also managed to build a Rune Preist. I was trying to capture him in the middle of calling up the haws of the world wolf. What I got was a 10 foot man gently singing to the birds...Maybe he's yelling but after I took this photo I used a different head and angled it downwards a bit. That's the start of a Sanguinary Priest on his left.

The culinary arts were in the mix as well. 
The fat kid in me just couldn't resist sharing this beautiful sight.

In parting here are some moments from the last few days of fury.

Next we'll see Logan Grimnar in his natural habitat. Stay tuned.

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