Friday, April 27, 2012

Tyranid Hive Tyrant step 1

First off, I'm back from Adepticon. This year was bigger and better than ever, I missed some things but there was plenty of newness around the corner to more than make up for that. I'll get around to posting about it soon, at the moment though I'm just getting back into the swing of things. So more on Adepticon later, for now I need to get my blogging juices flowing again :)

Day 1 being back from Adepticon had me going to the store and picking up a Hive Tyrant for a Commission I'd postponed until the post Adepticon time slot.

I started by sculpting up his base and doing my best to eliminate the massive amount of joins on the kit. Here are the legs after a white primer. I've always enjoyed the artwork of the Tyranids where they're in the midst of a full blown invasion and half the planet is already taking on a more Tyranid form. 

The next step was to do some brush work. The air propelled kind ;)

The next steps will be laying down basecoats and deciding where which colors will go. The basic idea I'm going for is a muted red, white, and blue scheme and since he has no metal areas I don't have to worry about metallics or non metallics. I'm going to take a movie monster painting approach to this guy use a lot of glazes and plenty of slime.

Monday, April 16, 2012

3 days Left!

Are you ready yet? 

I'm talking about Adepticon and I'm happy to say I've completed four entries for the Crystal Brush, which at the moment I'll have to hold off on showing just to be safe and preserve the integrity of the online voting...I guess, nearly nobody reads this so we can feel special that we know of honor and the secrets others do not.

Upon meeting my goals it was back to business as usual. Earlier today I had some time and finished off a Grey Knight Librarian I had started a few weeks ago. Just an out of the box conversion. In this piece I've exchanged an electric pointy stick for a box of skulls charged by psychic powers. 

Get your exclusive psychic skullbox wielding superhuman here.

That's all for now, see you at Adepticon! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

March of the Fennblades

This afternoon I finally finished my first chunk of Fennblades. Six down and six to go. My Trollbloods army is really starting to take shape, so far I've concentrated on the heavies and the casters so it feels good to knock out a chunk of the rank and file grunts.

There was a slight obstacle, I was trying out my new camera on this group. I think I can get some better photos in the future but then again, groups of models are always tricky.

I've also decided I need some objective markers for my Dark Eldar. What else would they be after at Adepticon if not custom objective markers? So I got to thinking, what exactly could they be out there to accomplish. I let my mind wander and decided they would have to be rounding up some favored pets of one of Commorragh's Haemonculi...Sort of goofy but in a good science fiction way and now I have an excuse to build some pathetic creations of an equally bored and cruel 300 year old Haemonculus.

So we have these...

6 Days until Adepticon. Now are you ready?!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Display boards a plenty

I sat, crouched, leaned, stood, and dug with Brother John this Sunday. I had a tall order, complete 2 boards for Kevin and jazz up my own. John had one on deck for his Crimson Fists. So here we gooo.

First a group shot of all the boards in various stages of progress.

Here's a good example of something simple. Both of these were made with soil, pva glue, and a few assorted kits. Also a helping of grass.

Here's a little more advanced piece. Not complete but John's been making progress since Sunday. 
Looking good so far though :)

I've also started a unit of Fennblades for my Trollbloods. I'm trying to squeeze out one more unit before Adepticon.

At this point I'm about to work up the metals. Here's a little shot of the colors I plan to use.

9 days left, are you ready yet?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Commissar Lord now on Ebay

One more for the wilds of Ebay before Adepticon hits. I painted this guy as a commission about 5 months ago and the client lost his job around the completion time and is now selling off the rest of his Imperial Guard. So he's been orphaned into the world, all alone in the grim dark. Won't someone save him?

13 days to go. Are you ready?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buffing up the Stormraven

Ok following a hard drive crash I'm back in action. It was a literal crash as a dog knocked it off a couch. Anyways, I've been up to the usual as I waited on the diagnosis.

Here's a project I was assigned before the dark day. A local player asked me to add some freehanding to his Stormraven. It is themed after a story from the Blood Angels codex, something about a Stormraven dubbed "the Red Glory" playing it's part to kill swathes of Orks...If you know me you know this does not sit well. Pun intended, the Orks are my Boyz.

Anyway on to the show. Here she is with some masking tape and milliput on the base. I had already added a little airbrush work at this point.

Next I added the freehanding. A banner with "The Red Glory" written on it, a scorpion's tail on the rear fin, a little Blood Angels emblem and some yellow scrollwork.

So there you have it, a little something extra on that centerpiece. I'm also proud of my self for making this whole post without a single mention of Xzibit or any "pimping" bullshit.

Next up is a 3 man unit of Dark Eldar Reavers :)

Well, they're done now but I have a weeks worth of photos to throw around so enjoy that little teaser until next time :)