Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lord Draigo Complete!

Just finished him off last night :) This was the second time I've painted this guy. Try out the search function to see the first. Only one more commission to go and I can start working on some Crystal Brush entries.

Whadda ya think?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Deathwing command expansion

Here are a couple fellows I painted up for Kevin the bits pimp,
Nothing too crazy but nice to see on the tabletop, enjoy.

Just a couple more commissions and I'll be able to work on a few pieces for the Crystal Brush. Last time was crazy and I really tried to push my painting in the following year so I'm excited to see if I can pull off an award this time around. Hah, I'd be a fool not to try :) 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gettin' jinky with it

Before I get to my personal projects for Adepticon I have some commissions to get out. First up is two minimum units of Ravenwing bikers. Over the last two days I've managed to get them finished. Nothing too fancy just a tabeltop quality commission.

Originally I planned on making a step by step of how I painted the Bikers. Here's how it was supposed to start. Besides painting the bases I took a picture of them after the airbrush work.

Then it was time for some brushwork.

Then things took on their own momentum and I didn't want to stop painting after every step and scamper down to the lightbox.

I'm happy to say they're done now though :)

Ah well, best intentions. Maybe I am a little too busy for a step by step. After all, this is only part of the commission. I still need to paint up a Deathwing Apothecary and standard bearer as well as Samael.

But that's not the only mission for the week. I'm also working on Lord Kaldor Draigo, another commission as well as a Grey Knight Librarian for E-bay.

Here we can see him towering over a field of broken dreams. A natural habitat for Draigo if you ask me.

Well I'm going to get back to it. Until then, keep painting!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sky of Fire

I couldn't resist posting a preview picture nearly the minute I finally finished this monstrous undertaking. Somehow I have to figure out how to do the proper pictures over the next few days. Until then though I'd like to share this little preview taken at the exact moment of triumph 60 hours later.(!)

Also this little gem :)

Over the weekend I found time to finish off a Sanguinary priest in preparation for Adepticon. I switched back to red on this one. I've been trying to generate some extra funds to fuel my shopping spree at Adepticon. So far so good, I'll be able to save a burrito or two worth off shipping costs this way. Plus: Shoppinnnggg Spreeee! Pronounce that how you wish.

This way to Samson's Adepticon drive:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Big 'ol base

Here's a little progression of pictures from a recent session on the Titan. Wet blending was my friend on this afternoon. Enjoy!

She's almost complete, just a few more sit downs and it's off to the battlefield.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finished! Diretroll Mauler

I finally managed to gets some more time into this blue bulk. I'm pleased with how he came out but I can't say if the brush won't pass over him one more time. This brings the total count of painted models in my Trollbloods army to a massive seven! Slow and steady. The next step for the trolls is to kick out some infantry in the form of maxed out Fennblades unit to fill out my army. 

Check him out on Coolmini:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Converted Rune Priest

Not too long ago I finished this guy off. Thanks to the grey knight plastics there's no need to convert psychic hoods out of shoulder pads anymore. I'm pleased with the way he came out. I don't think he's painted much better than the other priests I've done but I like the sword in the stone look. Also I'd recommend using crushed glass mixed with baking soda to simulate snow from this point forward.

Well he's off to the races and I have a Titan to get back to. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Emperor's Champion

This guy was a fun quickie I converted from the command squad box. Thanks Kev (http://myworld.ebay.com/teachermickeymouse/?_trksid=p4340.l2559) I'm liking the striking black, red, white, color scheme lately. Can't wait for the next Chaos book to release. But more on that later. After all we are talking about one of the Emperors most fanatical chapters...well they're all pissed but these ones are more mad, Madder.

Hey I used a different background for these photos! The blue helps set off the red a bit.

Guess what else I did. I put him up on E-bay I did.

Following the trend I've gotten into over these last few posts I present yet another preview of my next finished mini. I wonder what he could be? More crushed glass for that ass in the future.