Monday, May 30, 2016

Finished! Orruk Brute

And now, the final shot and conclusion of the Jeff Jam. That is, until I can photograph his. This was a great experiment and it felt very comfortable to be painting an Ork again. They were my main army through the duration of 40K, which ended for me with one game of 6th edition. So I'm bringing it back, this time with some alterations on the skin tone. Running an Ork list in the past meant I had painted about 150 of them green so I thought, maybe try yellow?

Stay tuned, next time around I'll have either more trolls or something Infinity related. Both topics will be covered but in particular order.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jammin' with Jeff, Day 2!

On the second day, as more colors came together, I felt we were really getting somewhere. So intense was our focus that we went without showers or fashionable legwear. Our hygiene in disrepair did not matter, for there is not value in the messenger, only the message. Paint!

Neither of us finished our models that weekend but the momentum kept going. At this point I've finished mine, which I'll post up soon, and Jeff is working with his own deadline, midnight on Sunday.

Onwards and upwards, stay tuned brothers and sisters, stay tuned  for the good message of painting meditation and spiritual coolness!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jammin' With Jeff Day 1

Over the last weekend I got together with friend and fellow miniature painter Jeff Bowden. Following Adepticon I've been a little more enthusiastic to join more people together in the painting community..So far that has equated to me having one dude stay over for a weekend and paint but it's a start.

Jeff hasn't finished any projects in a while, he even has a Slayer Sword under his belt. I think winning awards carries expectation. Forget about everyone else, it's personal expectation I'm talking about. You've set an all time high for yourself and anything less won't do. This has slowed me down as well, the post competition slump sets in. But my advice is, fuck it, painting started as a for fun activity with, I hope, anyone reading this. Here is how Jeff and I got to some paint jamming and had a great time not thinking about first prize :)

I invited Jeff up to show him some chaos magic on the new Orruk brute models

After prepping and discussing the paint scheme, I showed Jeff the way of the wet. Blending that is. I wanted to portray a jungle setting on these orruks, because it was cool and because the colors would be complinentary for a yellow ork.

With the mid level beer flowing, a freehand did come into clearer vision.

Stay tuned for day two's progress!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Age of Scenery Part 2

Rounding out the better half or, good guys stuff, for the local shop.

Next up, it's big, it's mean, it's yellow!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Age of Scenery, Part 1!

Sometimes it's all about Where you fight and not who you fight... Something commissioned by the local shop, Flying Phoenix Games.

First up we'll have what you could call the bad guy stuff.

More to come, Stay tuned! Something cool coming in a few posts. Currently I'm trading tips on a weekend paint jam with Slayer Sword winner, Jeff Bowden on Orruk Brutes :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

For the Kriel! Chapter 2

The next step from assembly was basecoating, or which color in the scheme is most numerous and will be airbrushed? The armor it is!

Once I had that out of the way. I knew the only way to keep my sanity and good pace on this job was to break it down. The first step, a big one, is knocking out the 16 Kriel Warriors. This will take a while but then the numbers will be on my side and the finished models will cheer me across the finish line :)

Every step is composed of smaller steps..Following here, there be steps.

Ah, the tartan pattern. Nothing like painting 16 at once. Stay Tuned!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cast of Bases

As I've said before, my personal project lately has been jumping into Infinity. More commonly the basing in Infinity represents a sci-fi urban setting or other similar themes, not so much wilderness, so I decided to do more than glue dirt to my bases. After spending some time building the bases for my first wave from plasticard a couple years ago, I had always thought I'd cast my own in the future. Our gaming group would also have something to fall back on. I put these together and with the casting abilities of Brother John to help me, I now have set of 10 bases at my disposal.

Showing them off is my second wave of Nomads. All prepped and now with bases, ready for painting. If I ever have time.

Yes, the keen eye will notice the Jaguar on the left, one base remains to be cast. Must have been switched after multiple copies ;)

I'll get back to the Trollbloods next time so, as always, stay tuned!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

For the Kriel! Chaper One

It feels good to get back to the trollbloods. I haven't added any to my own collection in a while, but they are a very familiar territory, so I was very happy when approached with this commission. Also that this client wanted to go for a very high quality on this army. Some of the units have a less individual role on the battlefield and will be painted accordingly but mostly, all stunners. Before any painting, I had to do some basing and assembly.

There are a couple more models on their way as the new edition of Warmahordes is inbound and changes some of the previous choices. For now though, I have this monkey pile of pewter to work on.

Next time I'll get some color laid down so stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Finished! Archaon, the Everchosen

At long last, it's finally done and photographed. The Michael Jordan of Chaos, Archaon the Everchosen!

What a beast of a project. In the end, I went over the time I expected it to take but no big deal, it was what was needed. Stay tuned, something numerous and blue is up next! Hint: not space marines.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Samson goes to the Movies, Part 6

This time around Adam and I are taking a look at texture, mainly cracked leather but I feel the technique can be applied in many other ways. Thanks a ton to Adam and everyone over at Tabletop Minions. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone for checking these videos out, it's an evolving process. All the positive feedback is much appreciated, and has been constructive. Haters will always hate what they cannot accomplish.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WIP: Archaon the Everchosen Part 4

Archaon has set a new record for number of posts. I promise the next time you see him he will be finished, hopefully, y'all have appreciated seeing this project come together. There were many moving parts to manage which had me painting out of order throughout the project. Which at this moment, finally, is glued to the base :)

There is a lot of what I would describe as venting on the body of Archaon's mount. Also, some visible skulls and helmets of sigmarines showing through the skin. I've heard differing opinions on the model but my impression is that, being a gift from the various gods, the body was created first, to receive the heads, and incorporates magic similar to that used to building a golem. So the body is basically a bag of molten skulls from slain enemies. A sick ride indeed, bro.

First, some white lining was applied  to the vents.

Second, you probably guessed it, was to paint yellow over the white lines. After that I brought out the airbrush and added an orange glow around all the venting and exposed skullz.

The final touch was to apply and inkwash, mixed from yellow and white.

I still have more highlighting to do on the carapace but felt it was appropriate to finally attach the base. This was a moment of glory for me.

Just a lot more of a little work to go and the picture will be complete. Can't wait for those final touches :)