Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WIP: Archaon the Everchosen Part 4

Archaon has set a new record for number of posts. I promise the next time you see him he will be finished, hopefully, y'all have appreciated seeing this project come together. There were many moving parts to manage which had me painting out of order throughout the project. Which at this moment, finally, is glued to the base :)

There is a lot of what I would describe as venting on the body of Archaon's mount. Also, some visible skulls and helmets of sigmarines showing through the skin. I've heard differing opinions on the model but my impression is that, being a gift from the various gods, the body was created first, to receive the heads, and incorporates magic similar to that used to building a golem. So the body is basically a bag of molten skulls from slain enemies. A sick ride indeed, bro.

First, some white lining was applied  to the vents.

Second, you probably guessed it, was to paint yellow over the white lines. After that I brought out the airbrush and added an orange glow around all the venting and exposed skullz.

The final touch was to apply and inkwash, mixed from yellow and white.

I still have more highlighting to do on the carapace but felt it was appropriate to finally attach the base. This was a moment of glory for me.

Just a lot more of a little work to go and the picture will be complete. Can't wait for those final touches :)

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