Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Many piles of bile

Summer is here and I'm buried in commissions. Not a bad start but between the sunshine and work there hasn't been many updates here. I'll be pumping the life back in, fear not. First off, among many other things, a fat sack of Nurgle madness. 30 Plague bearers, 6 terminators, and a defense line, all with custom bases :) I hit a good grove with these. You might notice some plain spots where I didn't add any dirt. The intent is to add some toxic scum to match the previous work I did for this client, check it out Here!

Rotten body landslide!

All assembled, now I need to give the terminators some attention and get some primer on this plastic.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Releasing the Kraken

Slowly but surely, and less slowly as of late, the Kraken emerges from it's paintless tomb. With a pile of fresh commissions stacking up it's time to get some grease on this mini. Here's where I've wound up so far :)

More work to do on the freehand tonight and then I can get to the weathering and removing of all the blending I'm laying down.