Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finished! Savage Orcs

Here's a tabletop mob I did for my friend John aka Holy Diver on facebook. That's right this guy was metal enough to be the first one to grab the name Holy Diver with out having to add 69 or _dooledoo..anyway These Orcses be for him.

I kept it simple and clean, pretty fun in the end. It's nice to take a break sometimes and just bust out a unit in 9 hours. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Finished! The Sons Of Bragg

Giant trolls carrying fire and bellowing "songs"/fell calls that can rip a mans shirt off and even kill? Sounds good to me :) Can't wait to try them out on the battlefield. Hey, if they don't stack up they'll make a good unit of Champions. 

I took pictures of them and after the whole process of photoshop and lightboxing I decided they neede more light from the flames playing across the unit as a whole. For your amusement here is the result of the first photo shoot.

Aaand the second attempt.

It unifies definitely unifies them as a unit in a cool way. It also gives them permanent assigned seating. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Steppin in it

It been nothing but steady grinding lately :) A troll here, a unit of marines there, YouTube, long walks to hip hop. All that jazz. Before I lay down some finishing moves on these projects I wanted t to throw some in progress shots around. 

 Buuut even before I do that I'd like to present an little piece titled "men punching". Hah, I miss my home and especially these guys. Right to left you have Kevin the bits pimp, Brother John, and Adam of Tabletop minions. Can't wait to chill with my nerdz.

As promised here's what I've been up to over the last couple days.

More to come on those later so stay tuned. I also have my batch of infinity minis nearing completion ooo wee :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fnished! Fulgrim, Primarch Of The Emperor's Children

Ooo nelly, this one was interesting. These primarch kits from Forgeworld are lavished with detail, in that way it was a challenge but that's exactly what I love. Purple swag all day.

He's also up on Coolmini :)

More minis on the way and if you haven't heard of Dark Lens Studio then now you have. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Emperor's Children

Things have been quiet lately. Too many distractions in Utah. I wish I could say they were good but I can't. I moved half way across the country for a job that seemed worth it. 3 weeks later I was put on commission, exactly what I was doing at home but a much lower quality. I didn't come here to do middle of the road shit, not update my blog, be mocked my my boss, and prepare nothing for cool mini or any competitions. I quit blue table a week ago and although I just want to go home I've decided to start something up with the former CEO who was fired and given no reason.

 Why u mad bro? You might ask. Well I'm mad because after I quit I was thrown under the bus in front of the other employees. My first project there was to paint an infinity bootleg miniature that would be part of a giveaway when a feature on infinity, that was planned for a later date, was underway. The owner of Btp told the employees I took that from another project, painted it and wrote it on my time sheet without asking. Never mind I was given the piece by the project manager or that I told the owner what it was for and why I painted it during the meeting we bad the day the CEO was fired. I have been accused of stealing from the company but no one told me, I had to hear it second hand. You'd think I'd be accused of stealing if I actually did. I'd like to add the miniature remains at the studio. 

So what should I do? Start an honest company that is employer friendly and offers a quick turnaround time as well as a consistent quality? Ok, sure, good idea man. I think I will, the new site launches tomorrow and will be packed with pictures. I'm currently working on our first job when I'm not training other artists. Here are a few in progress shots I've snapped over the last few days :)

More to come, good things in the future. Don't compromise your happiness.