Sunday, December 28, 2014

WIP Ravenwing Strikeforce Part 2

Well the Holidays provided their usual and much needed snag. This Christmas being made extra memorable by the presence of my new niece, Brinley. Congratulations Brother Father John, I love ya!

But as far as painting goes, I managed to get a solid base coat on the bases and paint the color silver for 4 hours. Painting the same color for hours on end is not the most motivating task. But, it's done :)

I would be a bit of a slumpy painter if all I had to show was the small amount of progress pictured above. So here's a preview of a piece I'm working on for myself. It has a lot of firsts for me in the modeling and painting aspects. Some days I feel like all of my artwork is just an experiment.

If I can finish both of these projects as this year ends, I'll be a happy man. Lots to look back on and much more to look forward to :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

WIP Ravenwing Strikeforce

All primed and ready :) Tomorrow I'll bring out the airbrush and bust a move. This should be a relatively quick job. One command squad, six bikes with an attack bike, one landspeeder, a Nephilim jetfighter, and the master of the Ravenwing himself Sammael. They'll be joined by a previous unit I painted for the same client, you can see them here

Up next is a chronological series of photos that I feel best represents my experience over the last couple days.

Tomorrow is a new day.

"Keep painting",

                    -Your conscience 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finished! Space Hulk

Sorry I did that thing where I finish a project and neglect the photographs while I don't document my current projects..gotta stop doing that. Anyway, I'm proud to present the fruits of one man's labor, yellow and green fruits they are.

First up, the genestealer horde. There are 23 of them including the Brood Lord. So I thought a few en masse shot would do them justice.

And those loyal sons of the Emperor. Great miniatures and still fun the second time around. I painted a set of Space Hulk years ago when I started doing commissions. In fact, it was the fist commission I had. How's that for nostalgia? Works for me. 

Maybe I'll paint my own set up someday. Wishful thinking hah

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Space Hulk WIP Part 4!

Sorry for the lapse in updates. You can only post so many in-progress shots. So this should be the last time before I can present the finished project :) I slacked a little over the weekend as I celebrated my birthday. It's seems so long ago now that I started painting minis full, here's to more time served :)

So close I can taste the paint. The bitter tinge of wash, the sweet pinch of titanium white. I have tasted all the flavors and chortle with rapturous laughter to their...Yes, I'm 30 now, stick around and you will see what 10 more years of brushlicking imparts on the brain.