Thursday, January 28, 2016

Samson goes to the movies, Part 3!

Yet another installment in the video series I'm taking part in with Adam and co at Tabletop Minions. This time about the base I created for Lathiem Oakleaf from Enigma Miniatures. Lathiem will be popping up in more videos as we cover the other areas on the figure, fur, skin, leather, etc. Should be fun and a cool way to break a paintjob down into shorter videos.


(of course the best way to view the video is through youtube but images increase circulation)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Finished! Aleph Dasyus

Another addition to my Nomads force. But you might call it a Dasyus from the Aleph faction. Well, I'm painting it red and calling her an intruder because they were sold out of intruders when I picked her up. Just wanted something to start playing with that could fill the slot for my intruder, I plan on having a lot of them anyway so the more the merrier :)

Currently I'm still packing away on the Mymera commission. I've also found a new podcast and ironic enough I started the four parter about Genghis Khan while painting an army of jetbikes. Throughout history and the imagined future, funny how things stay the same.

Check out Hardcore History if you have some time, I'm really enjoying it.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mymera Madness, Step One

The last few days have been spent deep jamming on an Eldar army for my buddy's Adepticon dance :) Come along, loyal reader, for a story told by pictures! And words!

So lets begin at the end, here they stand at present day, waiting for some brushwork. This post is also made with my phone, so if it looks different, that's why ;)

33 Jetbikes and 10 Warp Spiders, I started off with the spiders to get the project moving and also because they have their own paint scheme, being aspect warriors. 

Once I had a decent start on them I turned my attention the the mass amount of waverunners. Trying something a little different with them by applying the white portion of my primer with an airbrush. This gave me a smoother undercoat to apply the turquoise on top of. After a a few tones and and inkwash, much smoother in my opinion :)

I was really able to use liquid mask and masking tape to a great effect on this army. If you don't have any, give it a try. Huge time saver.

Back to present day, waverunners ho! 

Stay tuned!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Doomy Three WIP Number Three

The last update before the final project makes it to the photobox. Mind the drink, it's only available in Wisconsin and tastes like the very state itself. You may have noticed alack of drinks in my works in progress but I had to have a brew on hand for this one. Chalk it up to process, an artist must wear the skin of his subject.

At this point, Doomy has been attached to his throne and is awaiting some foliage. It's been a great week, starting 2016 in a no-nonsense approach and having this first project complete. Something to be proud of. I hope everyone out there has a good year, why make just one resolution when you can renovate the self on a daily basis? 

Be good out there, next up: Craftworld Mymera. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Samson goes to the movies Part 2

Yes indeed fellow painters, another tutorial from Adam and the crew at Tabletop Minons. This time on the subject of power swords. This one went a little longer than we'd like but we're leaning as we go and the next batch of videos will be even better. 


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Finished! Aridana Strike Force

As I've said before, our group has been getting into Infinity. Being a beginner, I can't really tell you if this is a proper army but it's a start, painted figurines for the correct faction, ha. This is Brother John's "Strike Force", painted for Christmas :) Enjoy!