Monday, January 28, 2019

Los Angeles Ram Jam!

Currently I'm sitting at the airport waiting on my delayed flight, fresh off a teaching session in sunny LA. Apparently it's a whole city of angels. It was truely unique experience and very happy to be travelling and sharing the ways of the brush. Here it's 80 degrees, at home it's 18 below. Glad I packed my vitamin C.

I spent time with a pair of great students at Mythical Games HQ. Our chosen areas of focus included, basing, sickly skin tones, battle damage, wetblending, and and really fun comparison of NMM and TMM. The subject matter was a trio of Skaven Stormfiends by games workshop. Our models all varied slightly but I feel it added to the lesson, allowing us to discuss different lighting situations on a variety of poses. Fun! 

Definitely not the best lighting but you get the picture, pun intended. 

A big thank you to Stephen and Erin :)

Monday, January 21, 2019

Finished! Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard

Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard. But I call him Buttermoth. This was my second time painting this model, which is always and interesting experience on such a large figure, spending that much time again on the same model. What did I like from the last one and what would I have done differently? I forgot but here are some pictures.