Saturday, April 22, 2017

Release the Hordes! Part 2

All that's left now is Lylith's Chariot. Then I can move on to the Trollbloods portion :) It's been fun working with more value opposed to different colors to break everything up. Now I'm facing the most boring part of the commission, I'm not much of a machine painter but I'm sure I can power through it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Finished! All the Kings Men Part 2

The second installment to a growing empire army commission. To see the first half click here. As I've said before this is one of the last tabletop quality work I'll be taking for a while. So I've been enjoying it for what it is, which is all about the group as a whole.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Release the Hordes!

A horde of models for the game of Hordes! A couple warlocks for the Legion of Everblight and some casters as well as support models for the Trollbloods. These will be painted to either exhibition or heroic quality which is a nice release after the larger tabletop job I finished earlier this week.

First up in this commission, the Legion of Everblight. It also happens to be there's a new season of Trailer Park Boys up on Netflix, time is on my side my friends.

I started this post with a colorful picture to get your attention. Now behold, the not so inspiring but essential documentation of the first few steps.

What have I been listening to? A lot of funeral doom which I'll post links to as I go. First though, enjoy the sound of HELL

Thursday, April 6, 2017

WIP All the Kings Men Part 2

Following Adepticon I've taken a serious inventory of commissions, which there are many of. Not the most ground breaking paintjobs but it can be fun to paint a group of tabletop models. At this point I'm closing the gate on tabletop commissions, I still have some to finish but am no longer accepting more. So I'm enjoying this job for the fact that it's one of the last.

Also, I'm rewarding myself upon completion with more painting. There are a few personal projects lingering in the back that need some attention :)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

WIP Deathcrush

Still smoking after Adepticon I sat down and got to work on a little personal project. The goal of this piece is to focus on atmosphere and add a little more narrative thought. The model(s) come from the game Wild in the Streets, a sort of Warriors themed game focusing on interactions between warring factions of underground music subgenres. Like Straightedge vs Crusties for example :)

So I chose the Goth gang because I saw a conversion waiting to happen. Enter Deathcrush. Fans of Mayhem will get the reference. The setting being an ejected coffin illuminating a graveyard with cryptic green light. The focus on lighting and nighttime atmosphere, plus a deathrock babe.

This will be a slow grow project as I have commissions to take care of  but I'll get back to her when the time is right so stay tuned. Already in the afterrthoughts stage I'm seeing there needs to be more ironwork sculpted on the coffin.