Monday, August 10, 2020

Sir Galahad 40K AD

 Finished! Sir Galahad, 40K A.D. It took a different pace, I recorded a batch of videos on him for Patreon over time. Usually I rip through something in a much different form, seeing it all together is that much more rewarding. Now to put it in the case and never see him again.

Sir Galahad is the subject matter of a few videos on Patreon. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Celestial Barbarians Assemble!

 INDOMITUS. As I'm edging closer to painting a full army, still telling myself that's not what's happening, I put together a tabletop level recipe for my growing chapter, Celestial Barbarians. I have a few thoughts in hindsight, like adding battle damage and a coat of ultra matte. That can still be added, for now, here's where the scheme sits. And yes I know tabletop is a relevant term so don't pull your eyes out if this doesn't match your preconceived notion. INDOMITUS.

I've also recorded the full process on Patreon.