Friday, September 30, 2016

Mista Snaaaaakes!

Another Orruk for my personal collection! Nicknamed Mista Snakes but actually the name came before the model during a paint jam with my buddy Jeff. Paint jams can be like long drives sometimes complete with the side effect of dumb jokes being especially funny and fully fleshed out. This model provided some interesting experiments, a chance to freehand texture on the hyde and a really saucy opportunity for some OSL.

The only drawback about all the negative space on this model is I had to leave some parts separate until later stages of painting. Not so bad usually but some of the seams need filling before painting..Anyway, he wouldn't be Mista Snakes if he was just a regular Orc, he needed snakes!

He came along swiftly, I had been planning this piece for a while in advance and the scheme was already laid down on the Brute I painted in the past.

What have I been listening to? Pseudogod

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Private Coaching in the Windy City

Following my excursion to Wausau I headed down to Chicago for some more private coaching with my buddy, Mark Maxey, this time over a two day period. Mark has been doing some great work on various Chibi miniatures so our lesson focussed on just that.

We also had some assistance from the ever cuddly and cute Tugg the pug. Who mostly kept our feet warm and alerted us to cars passing by..I fucking seriously love pugs.

I brought along a selection of finished projects to use as reference to convey my wacked out theories on composition in its many forms. Our figures got to know eachother.

Mark brought out some of his various projects for some feedback. I'm always impressed by his color choices and eye for cinematic light sourcing. I'll have to do more diorama work in the near future, this piece in particular was full of little details, very inspiring and all in chibi style. 

It was a great weekend and working in the chibi medium as with all the different styles, brings out a slightly different paintjob. I'll finish her off back home and send it Marks way.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Private Coaching at the Rodge Lodge

Last week I took a drive north to Wausau for some private coaching. A slightly more condensed lesson focussing on the airbrush. Rodge is no slouch when it comes to getting things done and I'm looking forward to seeing what he starts doing after this lesson.

The cabinets behind us were filled with painted models, a few full armies with nearly each model being a conversion. Most impressive wutang style.

Rodge is also one of the masteinds behind the local convention Waaghpaca and as well as cohosting the Pointhammered podcast he's recently taken a chair for an episode of Personal Flashpaper. The man does work!

To start off I had Rodge watch me basecoat the Azrail for my upcoming haqquislam army. It came out smoothly but I think I'll add a little moldy ochre from p3 to the mix to get a warmer tone of green.

Below you can see what you must master, the art of dillution, double action levers, and tiny dots.

After Rodge completed that step we worked on some chaos knights to go over techniques again and with a different color. During this I forgot about my phone as the painting came to the forefront.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Finished! Ragnar Skyplitter

Back from outer space! Well, further away cities. This past weekend I went to Chicago for some private coaching with my buddy Mark, I also did some airbrush tutoring up in Wausau, more on those excursions soon. For now I still have more Trollbloods to show off. This time, the new caster Ragnar Skysplitter is taking the stage.


A weekend out of town has been very refreshing. I've had a lot of things to sort out for my future painting career and it was nice to get some time away. There are a lot of opportunities coming my way and the only question is, how busy do I want to be?

Also, what have I been listening to? Coupled with one of my best friends moving soon, someone I've made a lot of "music" with, it's been a lot of harsh music. The kind my other friends are getting too soft to listen to. So, in that vein one of the few bands doing it right lately I present the musical sounds of G.O.D.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Finished! Diretroll Blitzer

He's big, he's burly, he's the blitzer! Bringing some meat for the potatoes of troll army. I've always liked this troop concept, hopefully he gets a little more use in the new edition.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Finished! Trollbloods Stormtroll

Rolling past the finish line first is the Stormtroll. I'll spare the electricity puns running through my head right now and get on with the pictures.

More finished Trolls in the future so stay tuned!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Finished! Zombicide Black Plague

Before I start unleashing the trolls this week, I have some zombicide for your viewing pleasure. I was excited when this first came out, sad that I already spent so much time painting the first edition, but intrigued by the medieval theme and an advancement of the rules. I also have a friend who wants to try a serious hand in miniature painting so a project like this would be a good take off.

By now you're probably asking yourself, "where the heck can I get all these painted miniatures on ebay for an amazing deal?". Well, you said it, it's up on E-bay so get yours now :)