Friday, April 13, 2012

March of the Fennblades

This afternoon I finally finished my first chunk of Fennblades. Six down and six to go. My Trollbloods army is really starting to take shape, so far I've concentrated on the heavies and the casters so it feels good to knock out a chunk of the rank and file grunts.

There was a slight obstacle, I was trying out my new camera on this group. I think I can get some better photos in the future but then again, groups of models are always tricky.

I've also decided I need some objective markers for my Dark Eldar. What else would they be after at Adepticon if not custom objective markers? So I got to thinking, what exactly could they be out there to accomplish. I let my mind wander and decided they would have to be rounding up some favored pets of one of Commorragh's Haemonculi...Sort of goofy but in a good science fiction way and now I have an excuse to build some pathetic creations of an equally bored and cruel 300 year old Haemonculus.

So we have these...

6 Days until Adepticon. Now are you ready?!

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  1. The Fennblades look amazing! I love the smooth transition of the highlights on the skin, as well as the design on their tartans. They look great - looking forward to seeing the unit, and your army, as a whole!