Saturday, November 19, 2011

Personal project friday

I sat down with my girlfriend and one of my roommates last night like we did the week before. The first time around I was thinking "wow I should take some pictures right now". 

There was a lot more concentration in the room than this picture suggests.

I sat under my lights over to the left. Brittny worked on a painting she's been working up lately and Amy was knitting some socks, winter is almost upon us after all. 

I didn't get a picture of the socks before Amy crawled off to bed but I assure you I will some day. Because what you want to see when you click on a minis blog is a pair of socks and a watercolor painting. 

I was busy working on the Troll Axer I showed last friday. I've mastered the photos and I'm just waiting for them to be approved on Coolmini to post the finished pictures here. Enjoy a little teaser ;)

Not every day can be devoted to personal projects. Here's a big yellow pile of what I've been busying myself with lately. An addition to a Lamenters force for my pal Tom. One rhino, 10 classic lead rogue trade assault marines, and a mishmash between a death company box and an assault marine box. The 10 plastic minis have 42 magnets between the 10 of them. Here they sit with a basecoat and a massive amount of modelling completed. (finally)

You may notice that menacing figure leering from the left. That's also an upcoming project. Of course I'm waiting for a second cast of this model to arrive in the mail before I paint it. Long story short just read 90% of the reviews on finecast out there. 

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  1. Great post I can't wait to see the full picture of the Troll!!!...and the SOCKS!!! LOL.