Monday, January 21, 2013

The Shades of Gore part 2

This was fun, one of those projects where you don't know exactly what direction you want to go in. I laid out my pallet of blue, green, brown, ivory, and purple. All the colors you'd expect to see in a bruise. The shades of gore. The pictures have denied me a completely accurate tone but hopefully you can still see where this is going. It's not showing the green and ivory tones like I'd want it to but I'll save the tampering for the picture that matters when he's done.

I took an early shot of my pallet when I had just begun to work. A little washed out but I wanted to show it anyway.

I'm liking him a lot so far and I will bide my time and work slowly, similar to the patience of Goreshade himself..Nerd.

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