Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WIP Custom Asawira

Just a few days until Adepticon :) I have my Crystal Brush entries squared away and the only bit of painting left is a custom Asawira model for my Haqqislam force. The current versiont is pretty outdated and I don't see an new sculpt in the near future so I decided to build my own. Which gave me chance to pick a heavy infantry from another faction as my basis. I went straight for the Morats and picked a suryat with HMG. The rest was done with putty, plasic rod, and a naffatun Head.


I've stuck to a tabletop level as my standard for the Green Bastards (parts unkown) but for this piece, as he's a bit of hammer And anvil, I decided to go a little further.

I'll finish him off today and squeeze out one more post before Adepticon. Then the shenanigans can begin!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Orruk Jam Zone

I've been a busy grit getting moving house and painting when I can this week. It's nice to have the jungleboyz taking to a proper display base. I've paintedany units in the past (take that how you want) but never with an imbedded display board. New! Fun! Yellow!

Next step will be building up the jungle around the Boyz, I'm thinking some tall ruins will create a fitting backdrop and of course, more shades of green :)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gihugeic Mutants of a Toxic Future

Painted in an afternoon, a couple more pieces for the folks over at This is Not a Test. Two ordinarily less threatening monsters made horrifying by a dystopian vision of the future ala early Sci-fi cinema. Fun!

16 days until the Crystal Brush! Get ready y'all!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Finished! Wraithlord

I'm back! California was great and I'm planning to return. Pretty much going to go nomad in the future but I'll save that for another post. For now it's back business and business in very busy :) This is a piece I started right before leaving and couldn't quite give it the time it needed, so I finished it up the day I got home ha.