Friday, July 8, 2011

Finished Barmaid!

Yesterday I finished the Dwarven Barmaid in the morning and after messing with my lightbox and replacement camera I got some decent photos. This is a milestone for me, it's the first miniature I've painted for a company that produces miniatures. Yay!

Complete with frothing mug of mead she's up on Coolminiornot:

Now I have all but one of the Armorcast models prepped and ready for some paint. Last night in the wee hours I naturally began working on the next model, Nosferatu. Here he is in progress, creepin' while you sleepin'

Nosferatu was almost done and then my clear coat made him too glossy so it looks like the only option is re-do him. He'll be ready shortly...I also prepped the Cleric I had been handed by Ginfritter. Luckily I found her base, (floor of the car) before I committed some time to the project :P

I was happy to see that there was a bit cloth that hung down further than the models foot, a great place to pin it to the base. Hi five to the sculptor!

Well I'm off to paint some plaid on a tiny warrior with a bagpipe and cape...

After that Nosferatu will be revived.


  1. Very nice barmaiden.

    I specially like the hair and the jar, both are impressively painted.

  2. Thanks Grajo! I've been practicing the NMM technique. The next mini has a shiny set of bagpipes in the same style only I added little white dots to the shiniest part ;) he'll be up here shortly.