Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tribe of the Bear complete

 Wow, what a weekend! I had a bit of time to try and capture this illusive tribe before handing them off on Sunday. I'm not entirely pleased with these photos as I couldn't zoom in quite far enough and still capture the ten models standing in the light box. But at any rate here they are in their shining glory.

Their owner Teddy is a member of the military and he's off to Afghanistan. As he heads out this week I wish him the best of luck and to be safe. I also hope he has time to paint all the steel legion he's bringing with him ;) Take care of yourself Teddy! We'll see you soon man.

I'll be braving the battlefields of the paintpocalypse this month as I have a whole mess of models I want to finish before Gamesday and Gen Con. 

So if you're wondering where I'll be in July I'll be right here.

Next up, Dwarves from Armorcast!

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