Friday, November 11, 2011

Wip it good

I've decided to set aside every friday as "Personal Project Friday". We'll see how long it lasts, the important thing is to keep changing things up to keep it spicy. I'm scheduled for a game of Warmachine/Hordes against my pal Adam ( tomorrow. He's bringing his Khador and I fear he has managed to fully paint his entire force. This scares me as everyone knows painted models roll better. There's no way I can lose any other way... So I'm attempting to get more of my force painted. This Axer will make number 4  for my completed Trollbloods tally once he's done.

Here he is so far, one more good sit down with him and I should have it licked.

Here he is when I was planning out the colors and laying some basecoats.

Yesterday Kevin, the aforementioned Adam, and I took a trip to a meeting for a gaming (N.E.W. Wargamers) club located a bit further away. They were a great group of guys and I definitely enjoyed doing something new. We all sat around in a knitting circle and worked on our various projects. I was pumping out some Vindicators for Kevin ( at the moment.

Here's an up close of one of them. They're not quite finished as the title suggests.

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