Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Release the Boars

Just a little progress update. I've been a little busy for blogging lately. Also my new camera is sub, what are you going to do. I need to mess with the settings. So with the warning that these photos on..

I think I pulled in a little too close on these ones. I'll have some more official photos when the project is closer to the end. 

I've also started the humans needed to run the demo scenario. So far they all have their skin done and I pulled this guy off to the side to finish. He's about 75% there in this picture. He's missing a few highlights and bad ass Tattz..God I hate that word. All the more fun to use it.


  1. Wow.. they look cool regardless of the camera ;) The skin on the human is good though.. hopefully the tats won't hide too much of the work you have done there..

  2. Looking great so far! Really love the baconbombs!!!!

  3. Here's hoping all is well on your end and life simply has kept you too busy to update the blog, Sam.