Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finished! Lilith Herald of Everblight

This was one of my entries in the Privateer Press Contest at Gen Con. I was happy to take home a Gold for her. I had fun with the biomechanical freehanding and I'm going to work on that technique more in the future. I'm not sure if a rippling cape is the best area to apply the freehanding to. I think I'm going to seek out a flatter surface for future experiments.

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  1. this is crazy! I had stayed away from 40k because I didn't think I would want to build and paint all those miniatures just to play a game, but I used the free painting lesson coupon from gencon this year and it hooked me, and I now have five painted space marines sitting in front of me, a whole bunch of paints, and a devastator squad waiting to be built. I also have been playing nothing but 40k video games and visiting a lot more painting sites, so I was pretty excited to not only find your amazing paint jobs, but to learn that you go to gencon! maybe I'll get to see some of your work in person next year!