Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Craftworld Mymeara in progress

I just kicked off this project yesterday. It was handed to me by none other then the mighty pimp of bits himself, Kevin from Fire for Effect Games. It has all kinds of forgeworld goofiness packed in there but I've decided that once they're basecoated the best plan would be to go about the army one unit at a time since they're all different types. No spam in sight, nice one Kev. The first up is the 10 man Wraithguard unit.

Here they are after some airbrushing and focus on the bases. The next step will be to glaze in some shadows I couldn't quite get with just the airbrush.

Here they are at the intitial inception.                       

More to come, I'll be chipping away on them for the next couple weeks :)

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