Friday, March 8, 2013

WIP Ky-ra'

I swear I've spent the last 3 days building bases but more on that later. While I work on the Swarmlord I'll also be avoiding burnout by working on a project for myself. As the title suggests it's Ky-ra' from Kabuki Models, a funny name but a great sculpt. Who doesn't love Frank Frazetta anyway?

Here she is before any paint. I wanted to show the bare pieces to give an idea of how it came together. The stone wall was made with milliput and attached by a thin sheet of plasticard on the back. A small divit for a cutaway of a puddle was carved into the front with my teeth. 

I want her to have the complexion of a red head. Very pale, freckled, and soulless. The basecoat was consequently made of very pale skin tones with some pink and violet. This will be covered completely by brushwork but will serve as a good guideline of contrast to follow.

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