Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cloth of the loin

Today's mission is to spend some quality time with the Mountain King..and what he will wear. Loincloths of course, but what will they be made of? I wanted the cloth to look more like it was sewn together from scavenged materials but not look to busy. It could turn into a cosby sweater if I wasn't careful..Maybe it should have been. Anyway I decided to use a limited amount of colors and the tones of the highlights and shadows would be the same colors. I stuck with red and terra cotta with ivory for the highlights and a dark olive tone that gave way to black for the shadows. Here's a little step by step of how I went about it.

We'll start at the end so the title picture looks Zazzy.

First the base coat. The blue section will be a former Cygnar banner..but you saw that.

Next I mixed in some bleached bone to wet blend some highlights on.

A few passes in the crevices to get a unifying color into the shadows. I'm using this color on many other parts of the model. The name on the bottle is Charadon Granite, it was from GW's foundation range. I'm not sure what the name has been changed to but it reminds me of a dark olive if that helps. I also added some freehands which were shaded with they're own tones before I made the broad strokes with my olive mixture.

After a few layers of glazing the shadows in I concentrated on some of the deeper areas as well as some highlighting.

So far so good, I still need to add many highlights as well as choose a color for the stitches.


  1. I love seeing other factions tied into a model, sort of gives a sense of universe(for me at least). Kudos on the work so far.