Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Deep Jammin'

I sat down with a friend last week for a more in-depth paint jamming. My impending move has my time limited so jam deep we did :) 

First I wanted to start on paper. I'd recommend everyone give this a try if you haven't yet. It all transfers, just another angle to examine for the budding artist. So i drew up some skulls and we used the same techniques I use on miniatures to paint the skulls. Laying a base coat and then blending the shadows and highlights.

Hours of goofing around later we got to the miniatures.

Then, working from the same pallet we attempted to split the atom and make some science/magic.

Gotta love them yellow ones. That's as far as we got but more on him later. Maybe eventually I'll have the time to photograph my Gencon entries. Moving, packing, searching for a van and saying goodbyes has been hectic. I'm also having to go to random places to use the internet. Today has me in a steamy laundromat and behind me the world's greatest dad and his two kids with nothing but cookies to occupy their time in a stroller while he plays some dragon shit on line.

Back to the grind!


  1. hah, heck yeah. What is it about yellow space marines?

  2. They are different. Most chapters are dark colors for the most part and the yellow really stands out. I would think White Scars would be more popular if it wasn't for the Mongolian slant to them (HA!), but those bright colors allow the black wash to really pop and show off the detail your paying for those minies. Plus with yellow figs you don't have the issues you have with a bright red army like Blood Angels where you feel cornered into doing green eyes and the like. Yellow lets you do red and the red really pops. Green and Blue details also seem to work a bit better as well. The hard part is getting a decent blend on the yellow, but I think you have a good one.