Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finished! Helbrute

Or is it Hellbrute? The debate continues. Either way it's a great sculpt and a fun guy. The pictures came out a little dark but my lightbox set up is not ideal out here, here being Utah. Only a few more days left in this suck hole (tell us how you really feel). I'll be happy to get home and have a more permanent set up. 

On with the show.

He's off to the races so place your bets now :)


  1. Great use of color and the blending is well done. Good job on the basing as well.

  2. Thanks Thor! I love these guys, I'm at an impass. I want to get back into 40K but which army do I choose? Orks, Tau, or Chaos? I guess the only logical way to decide will be rolling a D6 :)

  3. I think for painting and modeling, Chaos. None of those three lists are battle brothers, but you can pull off Allies of Convenience for all three (pg 113 BRB).