Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finished! Pre Heresy Emperors Children HQs

It's been a while. Moving back to Wisconsin after being royally screwed will tire a guy out. I didn't stop working though, just blogging. Then I had to find a camera but now I can present the fruits of my labor. Aside from physically painting a lot has been going on around painting for me, more on that soon :) 

This year has been an interesting chapter in my life. I've moved 3 times in three months and two of those moves were from Wisconsin to Utah. It's been a little difficult finding my painting mojo in the face of so many stressful situations. I feel like I have some lost time I need to reclaim. As an artist and as a person, I would like to be progressing every day. Every day becoming a better version of what I was yesterday, learning from mistakes and choosing wisdom over temporary moralities. Maybe this topic is best reserved for it's own post. I can say though, that I'm glad I made the trip,even if I've come out of it with a very sour taste for the false words of flapping gums it wasn't all bad. Be honest with yourself.

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  1. Welcome back man! And nice work on the EC! I like the blond one a lot! Good work on the Libby shoulder pad too!