Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flight stands!

Today was spent hacking away at numerous kits and gluing them to my hands. Once dry, the pieces were detached and placed on large bases.

The theme: ruined city. I can work with that. I had a lot of room to work since the miniatures themselves are going to be hovering above the bases. I made myself a pile a began scavenging from it. I wanted a little room for some contaminated streams and some taller elements I could experiment with acid rain on.

One of my budding brush buddies Karissa spent some time on her first mini as well :)
More on that once its finished.


  1. "and gluing them to my hands"

    I laughed out loud at this one. One of the most frustrating things as a miniature builder...you get everything lined up. You hold the pieces together. They stay together. You go to place them down and realize you've glued them to your hand. You try to un-stick them from your hand, and the joint pops off. Sigh.

    Flying bases are looking great. Lots of interest and diversity.

    1. Ha, the false sense of completeness..and that fingerprint will make for some detailed battle damage..thanks for stopping by :)

  2. very original and interesting!
    wating for more.

  3. Very cool, they're going to take their models to the next level.