Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Infinity Aleph Step 1!

This is project from a friend I met out in Utah when I worked for (chills) blue table painting. I'm really excited to paint an infinity army, this is the first time I've been commissioned to paint one and hopefully it will bring more of it's kind my way. I really miss this game, I played a dozen games out in Utah but no one in my current area plays it. I might be speaking too soon but I've been making some moves to change that, we'll see ;) For now, the task at hand is Aleph. Josh made the bases and assembled the minis himself before sending them my way, looks good buddy! The idea here is that the force contains no actual humans and the basing is done in a laboratory theme. All cyborgs and robots carrying out the will of the self aware internet of the future. Did I mention this game is awesome?

For the armor plates I was sent a reference picture from the movie I-robot. Basicly white armor plates with black internal, worky bits, that have an internal turquoise glow. So step one was to get that white nice and smooth.

I don't know how most painters measure their time but sometimes I like to use units of measurement referred to as "waylons". Other times I use a clock. So this was my soundtrack :)

Here they are in the bare state. Just wanted to show the basing Josh did before I painted over it.

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  1. 'Waylons'; that's awesome! I guess my unit of measure would be a 'Pandora', the time between when they ask if I'm still listening :) Looking good man, thanks for the update!