Sunday, June 12, 2016

Too Many Puppies!

So many projects that need attention on my desk as of late. I'm going to get one more Trollblood unit knocked out and then switch gears to other commissions that have been patiently waiting. I also have to shelve my infinity army until after Gencon, a necessary delay.

Next week's starting goals are finishing this small Yu Jing Commission, wrapping up the Dhunia Knot, and getting the Grolar rolling. Then we'll see what happens :)


  1. You're awesome, man. You paint so efficiently, something I am dreadful at. If you had to paint an entire guildball team for yourself, would you batch paint it or paint each mini individually?

    1. Well my friend, I think I'd paint them up in one batch. I actually have two teams to paint on commission which I'll document here :) I think the main hurdle is getting everything assembled and putting down a strong basecoat with the airbrush.