Friday, October 28, 2016

One on one Tutoring with Nathan

Over This past weekend saw Nate and I attending the dojo and practicing our wutang style.

The areas in specific being flesh tones, true metallic metals, wetblending fur, freehand, theory crafting and anything else we could fit. I found the Khorne Bloodreavers served most of our purposes and a pair of wolves completed the circle. 

I also prepped up some shields to demonstrate freehanding.

Then it was back to our muscle warriors for more blending and focus on true metallic metals.

Altogether we had a blast. It's fun to teach and also show someone around the town. Attend an art show, and maybe see a dude in a bathrobe and long underwear. It's a fun time to be alive.


  1. Great article! Only the pics seem to small, it's hard to see any details on the miniatures

  2. Damn, I took them all with my phone so they seem fine that way. I'll use the proper cam next time.