Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Weekend Paint Jam!

This weekend Tom and I road tripped down to Jeff's place in Chicago to do what we do. Paint jam!

We didn't have a particular focus for this one which was the theme in its own way. I had some projects that needed sculpting first and since I painted every Haqqislam model I own, I ordered one more figure to add to the force.

The chaos ensues! 

This time I brought along an shitty light box to capture progress shots of everyone's projects. I'd say it was an improvement.

I paced myslef on the sculpting by painting in between dry times. I really enjoy sculpting but takes a different measure of patience waiting for each step to dry before adding more.

The jam concluded and we each set out with a little more mmomentum behind our projects. It's been very conductive to set up these paint jams every few months. Fun!

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