Saturday, September 2, 2017

Finished! Lord of Contagion

Man I love the new Death Guard models. Every time I paint some Nurgle goodness I'm entertaining the idea of an army. This time around was no exception, coupled with the onset of a new edition I was thinking about it double. But who has the time? I do, but it comes at a price so for now I'll have to just leave my Nurgle army at that, an idea. Maybe some day, for now though I've had my fun with the Lord of Contagion. I'll place him up on Ebay and see what happens. If he sells, good, if not, then I get to hang out with my budding army a little longer.

I haven't posted on coolminiornot in a while due to them changing the parameters related to the image quality but after some growing pains, I've been able to adjust. So take a gander at my Gallery there and rock the vote. Or if you'd like to own him yourself, bidding starts Here