Sunday, December 30, 2018

Rocks Are Never Gray!

That's a lie, but it's controversial statements like that which will get people's attention and this topic is extremely important. Hold on to you seat!

 I always have fun painting rocks, it seems simple saying that but stop judging me. Over the last few months I've been getting a lot of hiking in and I find observing the natural, real-life state of things is the best reference for painting. I'm always taking in my surroundings and asking myself, out loud, how would I paint this? Which is weird when strangers are around but it helps me remember. Everyone is different and so are rocks.

I even found the illusive rusty barrel with the perfect accent color in the wild.

So now you have an excuse to use any color you choose to paint stones, also, try some wetblending and get some variety in tone, some happy accidents :)

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  1. Hey Sam love your tutorials, I'm a dnd player and recently got into painting my own minis cause repainted sucks. You wargamer guys have forced my hand. I must get my minis to look as good as my 40k friends models. Two questions totally unrelated to topic 1:Where do I find a wet palette tray like yours? 2: is the scale of my minis for dnd different and do the techniques you use on space marines or skeletons apply on much smaller models such as gnomes,halflings etc. ?
    Anyway thanks for all your help brush licker lol