Monday, July 9, 2012

One Sanguinor, 7 hours

I was able to paint this guy up in a day. A quicker job, about 6 to 7 hours. To add a real challenge it was 104 degrees that day. Somehow, Wisconsin managed to be the second warmest state in the U.S that day. Thanks to Kevin ( I was able to chill in his office most of the day. 

Many projects are on the way :) Most are done and I'm trying to catch up on the blogging. For last nights activities I went to brother John's house and got started on a a Sturmwulf for Baelor miniatures (

You may also notice I was building a Wolflord for Ebay..We'll see where that one goes. I also have a Logan Grimnar conversion on the table.

Next up I'll have some shiny Deathwatch Space Marines to show off.


  1. I don't know how I feel about the pink wings. Was it a request or a choice you made?

  2. They're more scab red in person but I definitely hit some pink tones in there. I know all about them pink wings. (?)