Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Steady Grindin'

It started Monday night at Brother John's house.

I wanted to get a couple Ebay auctions up before I really get into my Golden Demon entry. I grabbed a previously painted Rune Priest and started an Emperor's Champion conversion.

Brother John was next to me scraping away on the latest plastic toys to tickle his fancy. The drug fueled masochists know as the Dark Eldar. Table saw in hand, jetbikes galore.

I finished the pelt I wanted to add to the Rune Priest and got a good start on the Emperor's Champion.

Today I once again set up in the basement due to the heat wave and put the finishing touches on the Emperor's Champion. I also hit the post office and snapped some pictures to prove my deeds.

Here are the results :)

Ebay linky:

..See above:

Now it's time to get a lick of paint on that final Golden Demon project. I can't show it because it's a gift so for now I'll have to keep it secret...

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