Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dark Angels WIP

A recent and smaller commission I started this afternoon. This one also brings a bit of a glint to my eye. In a way, personally, it ushers away the starter box figures we all new and loved over the past years. Goodbye Black Reach, hello Dark Vengeance. 

Here they are after the airbrush work and a green wash, also airbrushed on to tie everything together.

Now it's down to the brushwork :) my favorite.


  1. Really Really cool

    What colour did you use?

  2. Heh, well I used some hobby store acrylics. My basic approach was to start with a match to Dark Angels green and work up to a minty green opposed to a christmas ivy green. Just add white and a little bleached bone to your DA green ;)

  3. cool thx

    I will try that.

    I use Vallejo Air.

    The wash is it oil wash? or just normal wash? It looks really dark (In a good way, i love it haha).

    thx again.