Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP WreckAge Stitchmen

Some fine models from some fine gentlemen. This is a log of today's progress and general nerdyness. The focus of the night was a pair of Stitchmen from the WreckAge range. It was Wednesday and as usual that meant hauling my gear down to Kevin's office to busy my hands and contribute to the nerdy jabbering. I prepped these two earlier in the day. I took a picture at this stage to show the raw ingredients. The greenstuff on the barrel was due to a tragic bend.

...and a primer coat

Once they were fully prepped I headed to Kevin's place. Busy hands tinkering away, my favorite :)

I took a quick picture tonight after the dust settled. Not the highest quality but I'll be finishing them off tomorrow and pulling out the vaseline for a closeup.

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