Sunday, April 14, 2013

Preppin and steppin'

Adepticon is 4 days away. I want to say I can't wait but I do need just a little more time. I've finished off all kinds of new goodies for the dudes at WreckAge and now it's on to one last Crystal Brush entry. Kyra'a is almost finished. About one more day and I should have her stashed away to be ignored in my cabinet.

I'm also still entertaining the fantasy of have a good Trollbloods list painted up. No time for the whole unit but this one Son of Bragg should suffice as a fell caller. We'll see if he gets paint before friday.


  1. You make me happy I *didn't* get the time to put together a Crystal Brush entry this year... Seriously though, I can't wait to see this one in person!


  2. Hah, thanks man. I'll see you there! She's about to get some grass and bam, finishe :)

  3. Keep on happy painting, my friend! In the end that is all that matters, thanks for the nice talks at the Adepticon! Best Wishes and cheers, Roman