Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The dust will never settle

I'm back from Adepticon..well, about two weeks ago I was but life is hectic. Words can't quite describe the feeling, or I don't want to show my soft side, but the feeling is good. It's hard to believe how many doors were opened over that weekend. Many opportunities came my way and I'll just let them unfold as they happen. Unfortunately the camera was left behind so I only have a few photos to share.

I was happy to add two more Crystal Brushes to my collection. Very unexpected, I was only hoping to place..just once and I'd be happy. I not only placed but I placed twice and with a gold and a silver this time :) 

There was a time when it was about awards, I think every good painter goes through it. I've been snubbed at competitions before and learned what's really important is loving what you do. Even if some people would call it Porn? That's not my opinion of the piece and since it's the internet...I don't care. I love strong women and I'll leave it at that.

The highlight of the weekend was meeting painting Guru Jarhead/Roman of  Massive Voodoo. Definitely someone I've been inspired by and meeting him was a bit of a boner maker for me. I'm glad he wasn't an asshole, great guy inside and out :) I could go on..

Now I'm back and more motivated than ever so as the title suggests, the dust will never settle.

As I'm finally back home and into the swing of things posting can resume so stick around and maybe, just maybe, I'll actually finish one of the projects you've seen above.

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