Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back from the Mountain

I'm back from my Utah excursion and can't wait to return to that beautiful place. I was visiting and teaching some classes at the famous Blue Table Studio. Some of the finest people anyone could meet. The kinship of nerds isn't always found but there the feeling was strong. I'll be relocating in the next few months and working with them. Doing what I love, painting miniatures. It has been a long road, about 4 years of road, but it brought me there. To everyone at Blue Table, I wuv you. My heart is heavy as I have to say goodbye to my loved ones and slim down my possessions, when you're chasing your dreams, travel light.

Sentiments aside, here's what everyone wants. Pictures!


  1. Just don't go Mormon on us... good luck Sam!

  2. Moving is something I do way too much of and it's hell for fragile (and even non-fragile) possessions as well as the bank account and social life, but even so I've wholly enjoyed the amount of places I've been and the various people I've met because of it.

    Anyway, I wish you all of the best with your move and am very glad your painting talent is taking you to new and exciting places with other skilled people. Good luck and try not to lose too many of your favorite things in the process!